Electrical upgrades for your home office renovation

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When people started working from home during the pandemic, most home offices were in spare bedrooms or basements. If you haven’t done so already, a renovation with key electrical considerations can significantly improve your workspace.

Here are some electrical upgrades to consider for a productive and comfortable home office:

Improve the lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in visuals, mood, and productivity. A functional lighting plan will include ambient lighting and task lighting at your workspaces. Accent lighting also provides a decorative and warm touch to highlight certain areas in the space. Westland Electric can create a home office lighting plan that boosts productivity, reduces eyestrain, and improves your ability to work effectively from home.

Add outlets

If your new home office is the spare bedroom, you might have three or four outlets maximum. If you need more to run computers, printers, and other devices, you’ll have to install additional outlets. Using extension cords and power bars should never be a permanent solution. Our team will assess your needs, ensure you have enough outlets to run your equipment. We can even include outlets with USB charging ports for your devices.

Strengthen internet connectivity

Typically, residential wireless networks run off a single router. As a result, poor connectivity can be an issue if your office is far from that router or if too many people are online at once. Video conferencing, streaming, and other work tasks will require solid and reliable connectivity.

We have a solution. Our electricians in Calgary will run network wiring and repeaters throughout the house to bring a high-quality connection throughout the entire home.

Depending on your neighbourhood, you might be able to connect to fibre optic internet. The electrical utility company and internet service provider will bring the service to the street. Still, sometimes an electrician is needed to run a conduit to the house to access the service. You might be far from the infrastructure needed to get broadband internet if you live rurally, but we can help you connect for faster and stronger connectivity.

Improve comfort and productivity with key electrical upgrades to your home office. Contact Westland Electric to get started