5 signs you have a dangerous electrical problem

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While we usually trust that our electrical system is working correctly, there are tell-tale signs that can indicate a dangerous issue. Ignoring these signs can put your family and house at risk. Faulty wiring is a significant cause of house fires, so knowing the warning signs can ensure you act quickly and resolve the issue before it becomes a dangerous hazard. 

Constantly tripping circuit breakers
Circuit breakers exist to cut the electrical current if it is carrying an unsafe load of electricity. Cutting power can help prevent overheating and even fires. If you have circuit breakers that are constantly tripping, it means they are overloaded. An appliance that requires too much electricity for the circuit could be the culprit, or it might be a damaged circuit. If it keeps tripping, call in a Calgary electrician to inspect it and make suggestions. 

You detect a burning smell
Burning smells coming from an outlet or switch means that wiring behind the faceplate is overheating. Unplug all electronics from that outlet and don’t use it again until you’ve had it checked out by a professional electrician. If you notice the same smell coming from your electrical panel, contact an electrician as soon as possible. 

Hot or burned outlet or switch faceplates
Sometimes an outlet or switch will feel warm, but it should never feel hot. If it’s hot, turn off and unplug the device plugged into it. If it still feels hot, it might have damaged or faulty wiring. If the outlet has noticeable scorch or burn marks on it, there is most certainly a problem. You need to contact an electrician right away. To be safe, turn off the breaker to the circuit until someone can come to take a look at it for you. 

Flickering or dimming lights
If your circuit is overloaded, you might see lights in the room dim or flicker. If every time the furnace comes on or someone runs a hairdryer, the lights dim, it means there is too much electrical load on that circuit. Check the fixture first, as a damaged fixture could be the issue. If you aren’t sure, or the fixture looks fine, contact electricians in Calgary to inspect the circuit. They might find that you need an upgrade to meet your electrical needs. 

There’s a buzzing sound
Electrical issues like loose wiring, fraying wire, or other problems can cause a jump in the current. That jump can cause a buzzing sound. When things are in good working order, the electricity will be silent. If you hear buzzing from an outlet, stop using it and call an electrician. 

If you are worried about your electrical system or detect one or more of these problems, contact Westland Electric right away.