Common Electrical Mistakes in a Home Renovation

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If you’re planning on remodeling your home, you’ve probably consulted a designer or contractor about getting the job done. However, very often, as part of their efforts to keep costs low, clients plan the construction process themselves. At times like these, without professional guidance, they end up leaving out crucial aspects of a reno project like what type of lighting they should use or where the wires and cables should go.

At Westland Electric 2014 Ltd., we want you to make the most of your remodel and get the best possible results. So whether you’re using a DIY approach or professional help, here are three of the biggest electrical mistakes people make when renovating a home and how you should avoid them.

1. Inadequate or inappropriate lighting. It is easy to dim lights as necessary. However, there’s no right way to fix an area that doesn’t have enough light. A mix of lighting types does the best job of covering multi-use areas in a home and if switched separately, can be adjusted for mood and purpose. Consult us to help you design the lighting and circuiting for your renovation.

2. Inadequate power outlets - too few or not in the right locations. Most small appliances, tools, equipment, and hobby items have short power cords on them, making the placement of outlets key to where you can work or play. It is very cost effective during a renovation to place extra outlets in key places, including features such as USB ports to power all your devices. Consult us to help layout your outlets in your renovation.

3. Inadequate data wiring or outlets. As wonderful as wireless networks are for your portable devices, wired networks never suffer from interference or range related failures. Moreover, bandwidth is measured in megabytes per second, not megabits per second! They are inexpensive to add during a renovation. Consult us as you plan your renovation to ensure you have planned for cable, telephone and network outlets in critical areas of your home.

As the best commercial, residential electricians in Calgary, AB, at Westland Electric 2014 Ltd. we will help you complete any electrical work. We provide excellent quality electrical work combined with experienced project supervision, which makes us best suited to help you plan and execute any electrical work you have.

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