What Makes Westland Electric 2014 Ltd. Stand Out

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What Makes Westland Electric 2014 Ltd. Stand Out

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About Westland Electric 2014 Ltd.

We are a mid-sized electrical contracting company, that often works for general contractors and also directly for home and business owners. We have built a solid reputation for our work while serving the greater Calgary economic region over the past twenty years. Of these, the past three years were under the current ownership.

We are about twenty employees in total. We provide our services within hundred kilometers of Calgary’s City Limits, although we occasionally range further if required.

Being in the electrical business, we have to deal with seasonality. For example, a lot of construction projects happen in the summer and fall, which keeps us occupied. Similarly, insurable restoration work is often coincident with the coldest temperatures of winter, which also gives us a fair amount of business.

The electrical field is rapidly changing, and we are in sync with latest trends and developments. Recently, we have seen that “green” technologies like LED lights, electric cars, solar panels and other micro-generation technologies are becoming increasingly popular due to the steady decline in their prices.

Such technologies either reduce or offset energy consumption, but they also require investment to achieve savings. Adoption of environment-friendly technologies will have a profound impact on the electrical field, and it will also change the work we do.

The Westland Electric 2014 Ltd. Difference

Our vast range of experience allows us to find cost-effective electrical solutions for our customers with consideration for the best long-term cost of ownership. Over-built or inappropriate solutions are a natural result of less experienced electricians. At Westland, you will never have to worry about that.

Our electricians have broadly based experience because of the wide range of project work we do right from insurance restoration to new medical and dental clinics. Thanks to this, we can find high value and economical solutions for our customers.

Our experience and commitment to quality have allowed us to have long-term relationships with our clients. We genuinely believe that there is no such thing as an average customer. Every circumstance has some element of uniqueness, which we take in stride. We can provide a range of solutions as each customer may require.

We are incredibly proud of the fact that this past year we delivered our fiftieth dental clinic with a long-standing partner and general contractor, who specializes in the unique requirements of these projects. Moreover, we have an excellent safety record, which results in cost reduction for WCB premiums.

In the future, we look forward to participating in more green energy initiatives, from solar panel and energy storage solutions to charging ports for electric cars. Upgrades to energy efficient lighting are already a significant and growing part of our business. We hope to carry out such upgrades as the Calgary economy recovers from the recession.

Energy Efficiency Alberta provides programs for homeowners and business-owners to offer rebates for installation of green products. We regularly help our customers to take advantage of these programs and the associated savings.

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